Kasper Bay tests Zubits for triathlons

Kasper Bay tests Zubits for triathlons

In his efforts to shave crucial seconds off his triathlon race times, the Danish athlete Kasper Bay has adopted Zubits closures as his lacing method of choice. He kindly shared his process and results with us for our blog:

After more than 50 tri- and duathlons I have built up a natural hobby around optimization. In my world, there are several types of optimization and in the past months I have been focusing on my tri- and duathlon competitions. Before I ordered Zubits I thought about what benefits they could provide. 

The first optimization is located in my philosophy about "a saved second is an earned second", which is a direct time-optimization. Most often is about optimization in transition zones, which can gain 5-20 seconds on opponents who spend this time tying shoelaces in these transitions zones. With Zubits the transition could not be easier! The shoe opening is wide and easy to get in, and in just 1 second, the shoe is closed and ready for take-off.

Many would argue that you can change just as quickly with elastic laces, which is true. I have used these for years, but I've often also felt the dark side of using them. This is where we come to the indirect time optimization. With elastic laces you cannot tie your shoes in an optimal way, and you will constantly slide back and forth in the shoe, due to elasticity. To get the shoe to fit properly during the race, the heel needs to be firmly in the back of the shoe and the elastic shoelaces cannot allow for that. 

It is here Zubits can do something outstanding. Zubits allows for the same kind of tightening that normal

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